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Welcome to Maravilla Andalusians, a proud breeder of the Pura Raza Española. Our farm is located in southwest Michigan, just over two hours from Chicago, Detroit, Toledo and Fort Wayne.

Our breeding program is dedicated to creating an athletic horse of good size, while maintaining the age old standards for which the PRE is known: a kind, welcoming temperament, a brave heart, intelligence with willingness, and a noble character.

He was the chosen mount of royalty and he was present in every court. He possessed striking beauty, nobility, intelligence, versatility, tractability and kindness. He was known as the Royal Horse of Europe, "the Horse of Kings".

He was highly skilled in battle… known for his bravery, strength, and willingness to charge into danger. He had stamina, fleetness, and sensibility.

His battle skills, the capriole and courbette, were later developed into classical movements in the riding schools of Europe. He was the horse from which dressage was created.

Today the Spanish horse competes in dressage, english, western, trail, driving, jumping and more. In Spain, Portugal and Mexico, this horse displays the ultimate in courage and cunning as it faces the fierce, fighting bull.


Maravilla Andalusians
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